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About us  Businessbatao

Businessbatao is a platform to promote Entrepreneurship in the nation. Just like prospective employees use portals like, etc. in order to get a job, businessbatao is a portal for prospective entrepreneurs.

Franchise option

Here you can get franchise of other brands if you want to start your business with well-established name. The fees of franchise depends on different brands. The approximate investment required for machinery, equipment and other things will be mention. This would help you to plan accordingly. Other details about size of outlet etc. will also be stated. In case of food processing franchise, training will also be provided to the workers.

Franchise is the trend these days and considered as a successful business model. The advantage in franchise model is that people are already aware about the products and the brand. So some of the loyal customers of the brand automatically comes to you and give the early push to your business.

Apart from getting the customer base because of the brand name, you don’t need to put extra efforts in thinking what needs to be done. As these franchises have standard operating procedure, you don’t need to do anything extra. Promotion of the products is done by the brand, and that also at a big level, you just need to promote the store.

About us  Businessbatao

Distributorship option

Other option apart from franchise is that, if you are about to start a new business, you can find distributors for your business’s product on the website. No need to look for wholesellers elsewhere, you can get various options amongst distributors here only.In case you are a distributor yourself you can get buyers on the website. Your distributorship will be promoted online. It will be a hassle-free task as compared to going out to the market in order to find buyers.

Posting your own business

On the homepage a menu “post ur Bussiness” is there. You can post business there. Businessbatao will promote it on its site. The promotion will be done on other social media platform also.This will benefit you in the way that because of viewers of the site your business’s name will become more visible among customers. Apart from that if someone finds your business interesting and wants to have your business’s name then your business will become a franchise.You too can have chains in near future. Grab the chance to make a name for your business across the country. Just login to for associating with businessbatao and take your business to the next level.

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Why choose us

Because use dwell on customer satisfaction. we aspire to boost your business at affordable prices by giving them best services . we cater to promote new businesses and take it to their prospective customers present all over the nation.

Our mission

Our mission is to enhance entrepreneurship in the nation by creating a platform where individual meet business opportunities and add value to the society

Only creative solutions

At a very affordable price our team promotes franchise and distributorship model of business and use are still working to make the franchise style of business maintream across the nation


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